How Does Healing Work?

AuricFieldOur physical body is surrounded and inter-penetrated by an energy field. This energy field is made up of various frequencies of energy and every organ and structure of your body has an equivalent energy form on it.  Our energy fields also carry an imprint of our thoughts, emotions and beliefs both past and present.

Any discomfort or illness, whether it is physical, mental or emotional will first show up
in your energy field before it becomes apparent in the physical world. Also when a discomfort or illness is seemingly cured it must also be ‘cured’ on the energy levels in order to prevent a re-occurrence.

Physical, mental or emotional discomfort, dis-ease or illness comes about when the natural flow of our energy field is distorted or blocked in some way.  This distortion in the natural flow often relates to beliefs or thoughts we hold which are causing us to stop our own natural impulses, desires and the free flow of our own life force energy.

Hands of Light Healing supports your energy to find its natural vibration and flow again. Once the energy starts to flow even seemingly impossible improvements become a possibility. Energy healing also helps to loosen the beliefs, thoughts and behaviour patterns that underlay the original disruption in the energy flow giving you the opportunity to open up to different way of being.

Depending on individual client needs I also work directly with the organs and structures of your body to rebuild them on the energy level and to help them to function optimally. By doing this your physical body is stimulated in its own ability to heal itself. Ultimately, the healing comes from within your own body. My part of the process is to help your body to restore it original frequency and flow of energy and where appropriate to help you to recognise how this disruption in the flow may have come about. Sometimes this process can be very fast but many times it happens over a period of time.