Relief from Arthritis and Gout Pain

“I went to Erica with swelling and pain in the joint of one of my fingers. The doctor indicated it was some form of arthritis. After the first healing the swelling and pain reduced substantially. I took two further healing sessions and the pain and swelling cleared completely.

During the 3rd healing it felt to me like Erica was blowing up my foot with a bellows. The feeling was so strange that I commented on it. The sensation was in an area where I had been suffering from gout pain over the last few years. After the healing my gout pain cleared and 3 months later is still clear”

Michael O’N (55 year old male) Dublin

Healing after miscarraige and family death

“Following the death of my father, and a miscarriage within the same year, I was feeling very low when Erica treated me. I only had one treatment from her, due to the fact that I live abroad, but her healing treatment gave me an instant feeling of release and improved my mood dramatically, and my ability to cope with my losses also improved.

During the treatment I felt a sensation of heat, although Erica was not touching me. I had a great release of emotion and tension, and immediately felt calmer and stronger. Having worried about previous difficulties I had in conceiving, I produced a healthy, happy daughter 10 months later, and I am absolutely convinced that the healing experience assisted the quick conception and healthy pregnancy. I am very grateful to Erica for this healing experience.”

Brenda R. (39 year old female) London

I was able to cancel my operation !!

“You gave me treatment for a trigger thumb – v painful left thumb metacarpal-phal joint, that was really distrubing me.  It took about 3 months, before I felt relief.  I had made an appointment with a hand surgeon in Saint Vincents and your treatment was to tide me over until that appointment.  Now I’ve cancelled it !!

I must confess to doubting any success initially but my colleague who referred me to you told me to be patient.

I thank god for this gift to you and for you”

Deirdre, Dublin 

Detected I was pregnant / Pregnancy support

 “I was slightly pushed into going to see Erica a couple of years ago by a friend who found her brilliant and having been trying for a baby for some months. I was a little sceptical but found her to be so nice and easy to talk to that I went with it.

What had me hooked was that on my first visit she detected that I was actually pregnant and despite my protests that I was sure I wasn’t she was quite convinced. Based on her conviction I took a test a couple of days later and found I was (only a matter of 3-4 weeks!).

 I continued going to Erica through the pregnancy and found her brilliant for an overall feeling of well being and for reducing the stress I was feeling about the birth” 

Karen C (30 year old female) Dublin

My Shoulder Pain is Gone

“I went to Erica with pain in my shoulder which I’d had for a number of years. Tightness which grew to being quite painful if I was stressed or if I was carrying out any particularly strenuous physical work. I had tried lots of remedies – my own exercises, chiropractic, osteopathy, massage. All provided some relief but nothing long-term.

I went to Erica for about 4/5 sessions and I’ve never looked back since. She confirmed that I hold a lot of stress in my upper body which would have contributed to the shoulder pains. She would say she released the energy from the area and helped it circulate better – great; it manifested itself in no more pain for me.

The relief came following the very first session and improved over the next few.  The sessions are extremely pleasant – very relaxing and peaceful.  I would have no hesitation in recommending Erica to anybody with physical or emotional pain.  She’s a wonder!”

Oonagh C. (42 year old female) Dublin

Relief from Sinus Pain

“I attended the clinic with acute sinus problems.  I had many allergies and an old injury to my nose which caused the sinus problems.  I tended to get sinus infections on a regular basis and I found that after attending the healing that the inflamation and pain were significanly reduced.  This was valuable for me as it allowed me to be able to reduce my outright dependency on anti-biotics as a solution.

The healing was a pleasant and relaxing experience after which I felt clearer in my breathing and an overall sense of balance.” 

Billy G. (29 year old male) Dublin

I’ve got my mojo back

“I dont think I can ever explain to you how much your healings have meant to me.  I feel back to my old self.  I dont feel as irritable.  I have more energy and I am coping so much better with the stresses in my life.

I’ve got my mojo back :-) “

Thank you so much”

Christine H. (42 year old female) Dublin