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People seek energy healing for many reasons and the potential benefits include;

  • deep relaxation
  • stress relief
  • enhanced emotional well-being
  • mood improvement
  • release of emotional pain
  • pain relief or reduction
  • self-awareness and growth
  • reduction or elimination of the symptoms of many physical problems

In my healing I combine unrivalled energy healing skills from Brennan Healing Science and Quantum-Touch Healing, with an in-depth understanding of the human energy field and its relationship to physical and psychological health. These together with my coaching and counselling skills provides you with holistic care for all aspects of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.  See previous clients testimonials here.  

Some of the reasons people seek healing with me are:

Emotional Healing

Sometimes we can feel wounded by life. Perhaps from our childhood or a relationship that is or has been difficult, or a loss of someone we love or some type of traumatic or difficult event that we have had to deal with in life. Sometimes we don’t know what’s “wrong” with us – we just know we don’t feel right and we are not getting all we could out of life. Hands of Light Healing can help you to let go of your pain, find freedom from whatever holds you, and to rediscover joy and fulfilment in your life.

During energy healing consultations, a safe and non-judgemental space is created which supports you in dealing with difficult emotions such as feelings of inadequacy, frustration, guilt, anger, loss, grief, depression, anxiety, stress, worry or fear.

Physical Healing

Hands of Light energy healing is an effective method for alleviating or reducing the symptoms of many physical problems including reducing muscle aches and back pain, healing sports or other injuries, balancing organs, glands and systems and so much more.

Healing helps to reduce recovery time from injury or illness even after surgery and also helps to strengthen the body thereby reducing the incidence of re-injury or recurrence due to weakness in the area.

When combined in a consultation with psychological process work it enables you to identify any underlying emotional cause of the illness thereby increasing your bodies chances of preventing occurrence.

Many people seek energy healing as a part of a proactive prevention plan to maintain good health and well-being or for simple relaxation.

Personal growth and development

Hands of Light energy healing can be an invaluable support for life’s journey. Sometimes the way we relate to ourselves, others or simply our way of being in the world can make life more difficult for us. Healing can help you to:

  • Heal old or current emotional wounds
  • Build self acceptance, self esteem, self confidence and self appreciation
  • Create authentic and loving relationships
  • Let go of defences and masks that no longer serve you
  • Open more fully to life, love, joy and creativity
  • Realise your true nature
  • Live more fully in the present moment
  • Become less judgemental of yourself and others
  • Discover who you are & find the courage to be yourself
  • Learn to recognise and communicate your needs and desires

Format of a Healing Consultation

All energy healing consultations are tailored to your individual needs and are totally private and confidential. They are usually 1 hour long and generally combine hands on energy healing with some type of conscious exploration of your particular area of concern. The work is powerful but gentle, challenging but compassionate.

About My Training and Experience

I am a Brennan Healing Science practitioner having graduated from the Brennan School of Healing Europe (Austria and Germany) following a 4 year healer-ship training with Barbara Ann Brennan, world renowned healer and author of “Hands of Light”. I have also qualified as a Quantum Touch Healer.   I am a qualified counsellor, psychotherapist and life coach and have spent two years studying a therapeutic practise called “psycho-energetics” a form of therapy which uses mindfulness, presence and energy to access deep inner knowledge.

Healing and psychology are one of my passions in life. I have been in private practice since 2006 offering energy healing in Dublin South.