Online Counselling & Psychotherapy

With Online Therapy you can get all the benefits of professional support from the comfort of your own home. You can have a full therapy experience without ever having to leave your house. Online counselling or online psychotherapy sessions takes place over a secure video link. All you need is a PC, Laptop, Tablet or Phone. Phone therapy is also possible although video is preferrable.

In the current Covid-19 crisis online therapy is essential and all therapy sessions are taking place this way. However, even outside of this crisis, online therapy gives you a way to attend therapy with me, when attending in person sessions would be difficult due to physical distance, or time restraints, or just simply because it is your preference.

My experience of working over video is that it is just as effective as in person work and with some people can be even more effective. You gain all the benefits of in person counselling or psychotherapy without the hassle of travelling to your therapist.

I offer online counselling, online psychotherapy and online EMDR therapy over video.

How it works?

We will agree a date and time to meet. I will then send you an email with information on how to connect for the video call.

In advance of the first session I will email you a short intake questionnaire to complete and email back to me.

For the session you will just need access to a laptop, tablet or phone and an internet connection either via broadband or mobile data.

Interested in booking a session?

Just email me on or call me on 0872529325

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