Are you in need of an Energetic Reset?

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The human body is made of and is surrounded by an energy field. TAuric-Field white background PNGhis field is often referred to as the Aura. Within every persons energy field there are 7 distinct vibrational levels of energy and 7 major energy centres (Chakras). Each vibrational level relates to and represents a different aspect of our physical, psychological or spiritual functioning and also relates to a corresponding energy centre.

Through our energy field we are also connected to the universal energy field. It is through this field that we are connected to everything. We are part of the whole and the whole is a part of us. We take in energy from the Universal Energy field through our chakras and we send energy out to the universe through the levels of our field. Our energy field is therefore also an attracting device and through it we are in constant communication with the world around us even when we are not conscious of it. It attracts people and experiences to us and repels others. The vibrational pattern of our energy field is important. It affects our day to day experiences.

Every person’s energy field is unique and carried the blueprint of who they are. Our energy field is constantly changing in response to our moment to moment experience. Every sensation, thought, emotion and intention that we have affects our energy field and in turn transmits an energetic message to the universal energy field. Most of these energy messages are not strong enough on their own to bring about any major changes. Just like throwing a pebble in to a pond, they simply cause a minor short term ripple and then they are gone. Over time, however, we also adapt habitual ways of running our energy, so predominant patterns of energy develop within our field. These predominant energy patterns can have more significant effects on our lives. They are like driving a boat into the middle of the pond and leaving the engine running. Rather than a short term ripple effect they create an ongoing disturbance in the field around and are constantly transmitting the same message to the energy around us. This will have a stronger impact on the individual’s life experience.

These habitual energy patterns are mostly laid down in the first 12 years of our life and come out of the expectations and beliefs that we develop about ourselves, others and the world from our early experiences and relationships. These expectations and beliefs are frequently held below the level of our conscious awareness. For example, if an individual grows up in an unsafe environment, they unconsciously learn that the world or other people are not safe. They may habitually start to take in less energy through their root (1st) chakra, the energy centre that relates to safety and security. The 1st level in their field may also weaken making their nervous system and physical body highly sensitive to any indication of threat whether perceived or real. They will pick this up through their energy field even before they consciously register a threat.

Below is a list of the 7 levels and the corresponding energy centre. We can habitually affect the flow and balance of energy on any of these levels or through any of these chakras. It is common to have habitual imbalances in several areas.

  1. Etheric Level and Root Chakra The Etheric Level is the matrix upon which the physical body is formed. It is related to physical functioning, the nervous and visceral system, physical sensation, pain and pleasure. It can be relaxed or rigid. The root chakra feeds energy to this level. It is through the root that we connect to the earth and that we feel grounded, safe and secure.
  2. Emotional Level and Sacral Chakra The Emotional Level relates to our emotional and feeling self.  It can be flowing or compacted and can contain predominant emotional tones. The Sacral chakra feeds energy to this level. It relates to our ability to nurture and be nurtured and to how we experience and express our own sexuality, sensuality, creativity and imagination.
  3. Mental Level and Solar Plexus The mental level relates to our thinking and beliefs.  It can be adaptive and flowing or rigid and stuck.       The Solar Plexus feeds energy to this level. It relates to our sense of self: self-confidence, self-esteem, self-belief and self-care. It also reflects our relationship to control.
  4. Astral Level and Heart Chakra The Astral level is the level of relationship. It is also considered the bridge between the physical and the spiritual. It contains energy from our past experiences and also from our past lives and relationships.  The heart chakra feeds energy to this level. It relates to our ability to give, receive and experience love.
  5. Etheric Template and Throat Chakra The Etheric Template is the first of the spiritual levels in the energy field. It contains the blueprint for our physical bodies both manifested and unmanifested. I consider it the level of our physical potential. The throat chakra feeds energy to this level. This chakra relates to self-expression, communication and the expression of our personal truth.
  6. Celestial Level and Third Eye The Celestial Level relates to our experience of unconditional love and spiritual ecstasy. The third eye feeds energy to this level and affects our ability to visualise, understand and carry out mental concepts, to see ourselves, others and the world clearly and to our intuition.
  7. The Ketheric Template and Crown Chakra The Ketheric Template is the final level of our individuated energy field and is at the edge of our oneness with all. It is through this level that we can most directly experience our connection with The Divine.  The crown chakra feeds energy to this level. This chakra relates to our spiritual connectedness and also to the integration of all other levels of the energy field.

Working directly with an individual’s energy field is an effective way of working with habitual energy patterns that are not helpful. In all my healings I firstly start with charging and balancing the energy field. In many ways I think this is the most important part of the healing. I consider it like pressing a reset button. It encourages energy centres that are running less energy than is optimal to open more and to take the pressure of others that may be being over-utilised. It helps the levels of the field, our energetic communicating device to release blocks and to resume a natural easy energy flow. The person is given a window of opportunity to experience the world and to communicate with the world from a different energetic stance. Our energy field has a major impact on how we experience those around us and on how they experience us.

The length of time this “reset” lasts varies greatly from person to person. Some people manage to hold the change on an ongoing basis, others might only hold it for a few days, hours or moments. That is why it is important to consider healing as a process rather than a one off experience. The more you experience this new balance and flow the more likely you are to be able to hold the changes within your own field and to start creating new experiences that lay down new energetic patterns. I usually also work with people to help bring conscious awareness to this process so that they can actively engage in concrete physical ways with supporting the energetic changes.

If you are wondering if you could benefit from an energetic reset through energy healing ask yourself 3 questions:

  1. Am I stuck in some area of my life?
  2. When I look back on my life is there a particular theme or pattern that keeps coming up which I would like to change?
  3. Do I keep getting the same results or outcomes even though I’m trying hard to get different ones?

If you have answered yes to any of these questions then the chances are you are unconsciously running some aspect of your energy system in a way that is not helping you and energy healing could support you in changing this pattern.

Erica McKinney is a healer, counsellor, psychotherapist and life coach with a private practise in Shankill, Co Dublin and Aughrim, Co Wicklow.

Article originally published in Natural Connections Magazine.

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