I often recommend that my clients use 3 minute breathing spaces throughout their day. A 3 minute breathing space is where you stop, for just 3 minutes, and focus on your body and breath. You take slow, deep breaths and with each out breath you imagine your body and mind letting go of any tension it is holding. This is a simple but incredibly powerful practise.

It can be really helpful if you are feeling stressed or anxious, finding it hard to focus or concentrate or are feeling overwhelmed. It is also great for taking a few moments after a task or part of your day is done because it helps you to reset and clear your mind before going on to the next task or thing. Some of my clients use it before they go in to work and then again before they get out of their cars in the evening to go in to their home life. It helps them let go of one thing so they can be fully present for the next thing.

If you would like to try to incorporate 3 minute breathing spaces in to your day, but are not sure what to do, you will find my guided 3 minute breathing spaces helpful. Give them a try. Its definitely worth it.

3 Minute Breathing Space with Introduction
3 Minute Breathing Space

You can also find out more about the benefits of the 3 minute breathing space in my whiteboard animation video.

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