Watch out for the SuperMoon – It may be a Key to your Unconsious

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supermoon-moon-earth-perigreeWatch out for the SuperMoon tonight. Weather permitting it will be most visible at 00:27 8th September and it is the last SuperMoon in a series of 3 in the last few months.


A SuperMoon occurs when the Moon is closer to earth than in other months. At these times, the Full Moon can appear as much as 14% larger in the sky and 30% brighter to our eyes than at minimum size and brightness. The visual impact is stunning.


The moons impact on the earth is most recognised by it gravitational effect on the oceans tides. A full moon makes high tides even higher! 


The human body on average is 65% water so I guess there is every possibility it is also having an effect on us. 


Believers in the effects of the moon say full moons bring repressed emotions (emotions you are not conscious of) to the surface. This makes sense to me as a healer because I work a lot with emotions that are stored in the unconscious and my experience is that the cells and fluids of the body are where unconscious memories and experiences are stored.  These can be accesses through healing and also come up in other ways.  So if the moon is potentially having an effect on the cells and fluids of our body then it is completely possible that we will experience ourselves differently from an emotional perspective at different phases of the moon. 


Full moons are also said to cause an increase in unconscious activity such as vivid dreams or psychic phenomenon.  Dreams and other unconscious communications can be rich with information but this can also make it feel like a disturbing time, a time we are “going mad” or a time we hardly recognise ourselves (hence the werewolf association, no doubt).


Personally I’m not a big knowledge on the moon or it’s effect. I’m open to, but not 100% convinced I believe, but there are definitely times when I feel more emotionally up and down than normal and I think ‘what’s going on with me’ and I look out the window and hey presto there’s a full moon and I take a sigh of relief and think ‘this too shall pass’. Just a cycle, just a moment, just a feeling and if I just relax in to it, something new will be born because that’s the cycle of life.


That is the cycle of everything.  Nothing is permanent.  Not the good.  Not the bad.  This too shall pass.  Its a good moto….even on those days when I look out the window and there is no full moon to hang my emotional state upon 😉

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