Accessing Inner Guidance to Diagnose a Health Problems

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It’s The Beans

Back a couple of years ago I starting getting bad pains in my left shoulder. These pains would double me over and seemed to come out of the blue. I was beginning to think I had something seriously wrong with me so I went to the doctor and he suggested it was stomach acid (which seemed bizarre to me as I had no pains in my stomach) and advised going on a tablet to shut off the acid in my stomach. Not liking the sounds of this I decided I would first attempt to access my inner guidance system to see if it could tell me what was wrong before taking these drastic measures.

So as I was heading to sleep that night I asked that I receive a dream explaining what was causing the pain in my shoulder. I woke up the next day and couldn’t remember any dreams but decided to give it a second go so next night did exactly the same thing. Next day I woke up, got out of bed and then thought disappointingly that again I had not received any dreams or information. Just then I heard a screaming voice in my head saying “It’s the Beans”. The voice (my own voice of course) sounded extremely frustrated. If you can imagine someone trying to get through to someone who just wont listen and they have been trying a very long time and eventually get so frustrated that they just shout the words in sheer frustration at them….then you’ve got a good picture of what this voice sounded like.

I headed in to my computer and googled shoulder pain and beans and to my surprise up pops loads of articles linking the two !!!!. Turns out I had gone largely vegetarian in the previous 3 months which meant I had been consuming lots of beans and pulses in my diet. Very healthy but unfortunately also very hard to digest especially when the change is made suddenly. I still don’t understand why the pain was in my shoulder but in essence it was a bizarrely placed wind pain. I cut back on the beans or just started chewing them much more thoroughly and bit by bit the shoulder pain disappeared.

Hey presto, no tablets, no medication, no unnecessary switching off of my vital stomach acids and one frustrated voice in my head very glad that I finally listened to it.

The lesson of course is that there is a vast amount of information, knowledge and guidance open to all of us. Perhaps it comes from spirit, from the collective unconscious or from our own inner sub-conscious knowledge but it doesn’t seem to become available to us until we consciously ask for an answer or ask for guidance. It can help us with the mundane or the vital in life so we’d be wise not to overlook it.

If you want to find out more about your inner guidance system see my last post How to tap in to Your Inner Guidance System on

Erica McKinney is a healer, life coach, personal development facilitator and a trainee psychotherapist. In her healing work she combines unrivalled energy healing skills from Brennan Healing Science and Quantum-Touch Healing with a keen sense of intuition and with an in-depth understanding of the human energy field and its relationship to physical and psychological health. These together with her coaching and counselling skills provides you with holistic care for all aspects of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

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