How to tap in to your Inner Guidance System

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Contemplative ladyGaining access to information, knowledge and guidance

We have an incredible guidance system available to us that many of us overlook. This guidance system can point us in the right direction, give us answers that were previously out of reach, give us knowledge we didn’t previously know and can expertly guide us in our life. Furthermore it’s available to us all by simply asking and being open to receive the answer.

Here is a trivial but rather bizarre incident that happened to me last week which shows this system at work.

I was doing a cross word puzzle in a magazine in hope of winning a fantastic prize of a cookery course in a top cookery school. I’m not a regular crossworder but had put in lots of effort and had managed to figure out all but one of the clues. I had been musing over this particular clue for days and had gone through every dictionary and every crossword site on the net. Then one day while out walking I got the bright idea to tap in to my guidance system to see if it could give me the answer and that is exactly what I did.

I asked “above” to give me the answer to the question. I continued to walk and within about 3 minutes the word Yoemen popped in to my head along with a picture of a man in a red hat and shoes with red bobbles. Low and behold it fits my space and the letters I already have. So with great excitement I head home, check it in the dictionaries online and it doesn’t exist…. I am perplexed but then I google the word and find it is an old word (now spelt slightly differently) for a guard. This fits perfectly with my clue. I search google images and up pops a picture of the man similar to the impression I saw in my head !

So what happened there? Was this divine intervention or did I just simply tap in to information I already knew but was not conscious of. I don’t think I’d heard this word before but perhaps I had. Personally I believe that spirit (spirit guides, god, angels, the universe) are there and available to help us and they do guide us. I also believe that there is a collective unconscious which we can tap in to which holds collectively known rather than personally known information and this can vastly widen our range of knowledge. Of course it is equally possible that I just tapped in to my own subconscious and accessed something I already knew but didn’t remember.

The key thing is that I had been musing and trying to figure out this answer for days and had got nowhere. The difference now was two fold. Firstly I was in a relaxed state out enjoying a lovely walk in nature and secondly i asked specifically for something beyond myself to give me the answer.

Whether you believe in spirit, collective unconscious or personal subconscious doesn’t really matter but what does matter is that you start realising that there is a vast amount of information, knowledge and guidance available to you if you only just ask for it.

So start asking now and I wish you much success in receiving all that you ask for.

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Erica McKinney is a healer, life coach, personal development facilitator and a trainee psychotherapist. In her healing work she combines unrivalled energy healing skills from Brennan Healing Science and Quantum-Touch Healing with a keen sense of intuition and with an in-depth understanding of the human energy field and its relationship to physical and psychological health. These together with her coaching and counselling skills provides you with holistic care for all aspects of your being: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.

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