How to Reduce Symptoms of Anxiety and Stress

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Energy-bodies-FinalUsing a simple energy centring technique

When people are feeling anxious or stressed they will often describe things as feeling a “little unreal” or feel like they are “beside” or “outside” or “disconnected” from them-self. The truth is from an energy field perspective they are actually right and what they are describing is the effect they are feeling from a shift in their energy field.

When someone is very anxious or stressed their energy field tends to partly disconnect from the ground. Their energy moves upward in their field weighting more towards the head and sometimes also moves off centre to the left or right. Their energy field does in fact become slightly disconnected at the root energy centre (chakra). So their descriptions are very accurate.

At the same time the person may experience feelings of dizziness, difficulty concentrating, sensitivity to noises and sights among other symptoms. It is a scary thing and the feelings often create more anxiety and stress further compounding the problem.

I have worked with many people with these symptoms and I have taught them a very simple technique to recentre and ground their energy field and almost without fail people have found that they can quickly bring their anxiety or stress symptoms down to a more manageable level.

Before I teach you this technique, I want firstly to explain what is happening in the energy field and why this happens. Our energy field has 7 energy centres (chakras). The root energy centre faces downward between the legs and the tip of it connects to the coccyx. It is funnel shaped as are all the energy centres. This energy centre relates to feeling safe and secure and it changes in response to how safe or secure the person feels. If for example a loud bang happened and a person got a fright, their root energy centre would temporarily partly close in, in response to the fright. Once the person realised all was ok the energy centre would start to open again. The effect of the energy centre closing is that our energy field loses part of its connection to the ground. It is like our energy field says “I’m out of here” and partly vacates our body in response to the threat.

In cases where someone is suffering from anxiety or stress they are usually living in a regular state of fear. The root energy centre therefore tends not to be as open as it could be. The effect of this is that the person will feel ungrounded. Alot more energy will end up around their head (sometimes creating headaches, muscle tension etc). Sometimes the energy centre may close more on one side than the other throwing the energy field off balance.

So what can you do about this???

If recognise any of the things I have mentioned try this technique which re-centres and grounds your energy and helps your root energy centre to open again.

• Firstly rate your anxiety level at this current moment from 1 – 10, where 1 is not at all anxious and 10 is highly anxious

• Now bring your awareness to your body. Note any area that feels particularly tense and let it relax a little.

• Now bring your attention to the bottom half of you body (anything from the pelvis down). Focus your attention in one area (example thighs, shins, feet) and just notice what you sense there. What sensations do you feel? Do you feel hot or cold? What are you noticing? Just observe. Take a few minutes to do this.

• If you feel your mind wandering just bring it back down to your one part of your legs and again focus on them and observe how they feel and what you are experiencing.

• Now bring your awareness to your feet. Notice them on the ground. Notice how they feel. Do you feel any sensations? Can you feel the ground? Just observe.

•If you feel your mind wandering just bring it back again to your feet.

•Now bring your attention to your lower back, lower tummy, pelvis and notice if anything feels tight here and then just allow it to relax a bit more. Take a couple of minutes to do this.

• Now bring your attetion back down to your legs or feet (whichever feels easier) and again just notice what you feel, what sensations you experience.

• Keeping your attention on the lower half of your body and also keeping your eyes in a slightly lowered position(looking toward the ground slightly away from you) bring your awareness to your breath and allow it to deepen.

• Take in a long slow breath all the way down to your lower tummy and let out a long slow breath. Don’
t force this too much or over breath too much with this. Just gently try to lengthen, deepen and slow your breath.

• Keep doing this for a few moments, remembering to also keep your awareness on the bottom half of you body at the same time.

• As you do this you may notice other areas of your body e.g. shoulders, neck etc that are tense, just let these relax a bit and then bring your awareness back to the bottom half of you body

• After a few minutes you will start to feel a little calmer and less anxious

• Rate your anxiety level from 1 to 10 and see how much it has improved. Keep doing this as much as is necessary until you feel at a comfortable level again.

This technique works because your energy follows your attention so when you focus your attention on the bottom half of you body your energy naturally starts to move there, re-grounding itself again. Once it starts to centre and ground again the root chakra starts to open and your body starts to feel less tense.

Wishing you all the best with the technique. Hope you get great results.

Erica x

Erica McKinney is a healer, life coach, trainee psychotherapist. In her healing work she combines unrivalled energy healing skills from Brennan Healing Science and Quantum-Touch Healing with a keen sense of intuition and with an in-depth understanding of the human energy field and its relationship to physical and psychological health. These together with her coaching and counselling skills

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